The “Business of International Projection” Category. This category is suitable for entrepreneurial individuals who believe that they can create a business within Andorra with an international market base. A thorough business plan must be developed and lodged with the Immigration Authority, this Business Plan will pass through various Ministry’s before being accepted.

This category is currently the most difficult way of achieving Andorran Residency for various reasons, but it is a way for an individual to have a certain amount of flexibility regarding the amount of time spent in the Principality. The company must be created to capture a minimum of 85% of it’s market from outside of Andorra’s borders (only 15% of business can be created within Andorra).

The applicant is obliged to have personal private Health Insurance and is not necessarily obliged to be an Andorran Tax Resident. The company (based in Andorra) will fall under Andorran Tax Law and will be obliged to lodge quarterly I.G.I. Tax Declarations. The applicant will not be obliged to lodge Tax Declarations until they are physically present within the country for more than 183 days, however, if it is in their fiscal interest, and they do not classify as a Tax Resident in any other country or regime, they may lodge a Personal Tax Declaration after spending as little as 90 days ion the country. 

After being approved as a Resident, the applicant has 7 months to form and register the company.

Requirements for Category “B” Residency:

  • Police Reports from the Country of Origin and the last country of residence
  • Proof of your Civil Status
  • Passport Photo
  • An Address within Andorra
  • Proof of Private Health Insurance
  • Proof of Earnings (sufficient means to support yourself and/or your family)
  • A Business plan for the 1st 3 years of the Company
  • A Curriculum Vitae demonstrating experience which would benefit the future success of the company
  • Documentation proof of any Qualifications mentioned within the Curriculum Vitae.

What you must know!

Any participant in the company that holds more than 20% of the shares will be obliged to lodge a €15 000 deposit with the Andorran Government in case of future bankruptcy.