Submitted by invico on Thu, 06/30/2022 - 18:33

Perhaps it is 50 years of experience, or perhaps it is because we have had to personally go through the process ourselves, but it is clear to us that integration is not a process of taking up residency, and buying a property. It is in fact everything, big and small that surrounds the relocation process, and while some people take to Andorra like a "duck to water" others struggle with language, and cultural differences, and while understanding that relocating to Andorra was a necessary move (for whatever reason), they cannot shake the memories of their past lifestyle, customs and the world they used to live in. And while it is important to remember at all time the "why" you relocated to Andorra, it is important to furnish your new lifestyle with new experiences, meeting new people and diving headfirst into a new culture. 

It is perfectly normal that the initial phases of relocation are difficult at times, as the past life ran almost entirely on automatic pilot. Whether it is taking the children to school, to visiting a dentist, or taking the dog to the vet, even down to the most minute things like where to buy Gravy Mix? Everything is new, most things are in a different language, and there is a certain unfamiliarity to the surroundings. This is where INVICO differentiates to other Real Estate and Relocation companies in Andorra. We take the time to ensure our clients have the essentials covered. 

YES, there is an expatriate society which is vibrant, diverse and active, which many new comers use not only to find people of similar interests and backgrounds, but also to source information as to where to buy this or that, or to source medical professionals, beauticians, mechanics, or English speaking professionals in all walks of life. In fact, in modern times, it is surprising to see the use of online platforms (especially evident in the Andorra Expats Facebook page) to obtain all kinds of information, and the incredible amount of comfort that newcomers to Andorra find in similar technologies. These are great aids for all Andorran Residents, whether they have been here for many years or just a few weeks, and while at times they do cause trivial debate, from experience, it is recommended  to join these platforms.

At other times, public platforms are not the place for integration hurdles, and it must also be said, that at times there have been cases of unscrupulous individuals looking to exploit innocent newcomers to the country. In fact it is common place whereby individuals do not want to announce their arrival to the Principality, but would rather a more discrete introduction into the daily workings of the Principality. That is why here at INVICO, our job does not cease at selling someone a property, and a professional residency service. We take the time to ensure that all of our clients needs are successfully met, whether they be as important as professional Medical care, or as trivial as Gravy Mix. We are completely approachable at all times to assist clients, whether they have been residents in Andorra for 40 years, or if they have just received their "Green Card". 

It should be mentioned that this service is not a professional service, rather a personal service, as we personally would have appreciated having somebody offering assistance, or solving some of the integration puzzles that relocation serves up. While over 50 years, we have been approached about thousands of different requirements for our clients, it is beyond doubt, we will not have the solution for all problems or the contact for all requirements, however, we will endeavor to assist all requirements of our clients, as each solution, or each service adds a little bit more comfort in your new abode, surroundings, or country. 

As a footnote, it is quite important that we add here an unfortunate tendency that has appeared on the professional landscape since the winding down of the pandemic, and the large influx of international residents moving to Andorra. It appears that the lack of knowledge of newcomers has been prayed upon by some individuals and businesses within Andorra. It is important to state that the processes of Residency Applications and the Opening of Businesses in Andorra are exactly that ................ processes! While it is not our position to criticize the methods of others, we are in a position to advise any potential clients to shop around and along with ensuring the valid certification, cost the processes before committing to any particular businesses or individuals who promise to be able to effectively obtain Residency's or assist in sourcing property. 

We recommend that you ask first for the price of Residency Application Process, and shop around to ensure that you are getting a valid service (not the hiring of a third party) at a reasonable price. In most cases after all, this is merely a process, and while it may offer great value to the client, it is a mere process to those professionals who know what they are doing. It should also be mentioned that non licensed individuals who offer advice on Real Estate are doing so illegally and face fines of up to €18 000.00 and the invalidation of any contracts they have written. 

Andorra is a fantastic and prosperous place, and we have been recommending this Pyrenean Paradise for more than 50 years. Like all places there are excellent professionals, and others who are better left unmentioned, we recommend that you source legitimately licensed services that can offer certain guarantees, at reasonable prices.